Online Off-shore Gaming License in Antigua and Barbuda

Gambling license in Antigua and Barbados

Antigua and Barbuda was one of the first jurisdictions that offered licenses to companies with interactive gaming. The online gamig companies are classified as financial institutions and are therefore, subject to Anti-Money Laundering requirements of the jurisdiction. Antigua and Barbuda is one of the leading jurisdictions with registered online casinos.

The Antigua and Barbuda legislation offers two types of licenses:

  1. Interactive gaming licenses
  2. Interactive betting licenses

The gaming license is for casino betting and the betting license for sports betting.

The Antigua and Barbuda gaming legislation includes:

  1. Strict licensing requirements All operators with gaming licenses must meet all requirements and are subject to due diligence procedures before the license is issued.
  2. Player account regulation A number of regulations that govern the player`s account exist. These regulations require that the operators register and verify the player`s identity before allowing them to participate. The operators should also confirm the player`s name, birth date and residential address. The player`s identity should remain confidential.
  3. Age limitations The operators should not allow persons under the age of 18 to participate in gaming activities or act as contestants.
  4. Responsible gaming The operators are required to warn about the possibilities of addiction to betting on websites as well as assistance to compulsive betters. Operators are also required to exclude players from the site as requested by the player.
  5. Anti-fraud and money laundering regulations The regulations ensure honest gaming activities. The betting account systems cannot be used by players involved in money laundering activities.