Barbados offshore companies

Barbados Registration company

Barbados is considered a leading offshore business jurisdiction that is characterized as having a well-regulated and long-established international business and financial services sector.Barbados is one of the best jurisdictions for setting up an offshore business. The country operates within a recognized and developed framework of laws and international treaties that allow business owners to legally reduce their income taxes to 2.5% or less.

Advantages of Registering Offshore Companies in Barbados

  1. Regulatory environment – The strong legislative framework regulates business operations and provide the laws by which they operate, guaranteeing business owners that their rights and benefits will be protected.
  2. Low taxation – 2.5% tax rate of taxable profits. There are no capital gains taxes and no withholding taxes on dividends or royalties.
  3. Political and economic stability – The Barbados banking system is one of the most stable in the world and the economy has a long history of growth and stability.
  4. Strong infrastructure – Barbados has a strong infrastructure that includes developed telecommunications systems, an international airport and an extensive road network. There are also many international banks and no exchange controls, allowing funds to move freely.
  5. Educated workforce – Barbados has a very high literacy rate that is ranked 4th worldwide by the U.N. Human Development Index. The island's overall development is ranked 3rd in the Americas behind only Canada and the United States. The high quality of human resources allows the company to hire qualified professionals (lawyers, accountants, managers, tax advisors and employees) to operate the business effectively.
  6. White list status - Barbados is one of the few offshore jurisdictions included on the exclusive white list issued by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This recognition is important to business owners who want to be sure that their business is operating from a reputable jurisdiction.
  7. Large Taxation Treaty Network- Barbados has taxation treaties with over 30 other countries. These treaties ensure that there is an agreement between countries over how profits will be taxed as business is conducted worldwide. Large and effective treaty networks greatly benefit business owners who are now able to reduce their international taxes in an environment of certainty and regulation.

Types of Offshore Companies in Barbados

The companies that can be registered in Barbados include International Business Companies, International and Offshore Trusts, International Banks, Captive Insurance Companies and Societies with Restricted Liability.

The most common type of corporate entity registered in Barbados is the International Business Company (IBC). International Business Companies are versatile structures that facilitate businesses that operate globally.

Offshore trusts are popular investment vehicles that offer strong asset protection, strict confidentiality and complete tax exemption. Offshore trusts are a key tool for wealth management planning of high net worth individuals.