Online Off-shore Gaming License in Antigua and Barbuda

Gambling license in Belize

The online gaming industry is relatively new in Belize and legislation has been introduced to attract true investors to participate in the expansion of the financial services sector. The Regulation Law of Gaming Control, 2000 Revised Edition, has been altered to the norms similar to countries that have successful gaming activities and adjusted to adapt to the situation in Belize. New regulations of the 2000 Gaming Control have been approved and can be found in the Gaming Control Regulations (Online Gaming) that took effect in October 2004.

The Gaming Control Regulations (Online Gaming) provides the regulation and administration of online casinos. Online betting covers the spectrum of any game played by a person by using a computer or any other device, even if no other person participates in the game. It also includes combined skilled games carried out by means of telecommunications for cash winnings or cash value, the negotiation or acceptance of any bet by means of telecommunications or any lottery in which a participant is given the opportunity to participate by means of telecommunications.

Procedures to apply for an online gaming license in Belize include:

  1. The applicant must be an International Business Company incorporated in Belize.
  2. The applicant must be able to prove adequate financial sources of the beneficiaries/owners of the company, the integrity and competence of the administrative and directive council by providing the information of each person that has an interest in the company applying for the license.
  3. Copies of the applicant`s audited accounts must be provided including balance sheets, profit and loss accounts for the last three years, including the most recent one.
  4. A complete set of fingerprints must be provided for each person that has any financial interest in the online gaming entity.
  5. Copy of personal identification and two black and white photos should be provided for each person that has any financial interest in the online gaming entity.
  6. Copy of Naturalization Documents for each person that is a naturalized citizen or permanent resident in another country and has financial interests in the entity should be provided.

The conditions of the license require that the licensee:

  1. Provide and maintain securities deposits with the Central Bank of Belize for payment of debts that are generated from online gaming.
  2. Notify the Online Licensing Committee if securities deposits or securities reserves need to be withdrawn.
  3. Comply with recommendations and instructions of the Committee for the provision of deposit substitutes and securities reserves.
  4. Be responsible for paying any person any winnings, cash prizes or cash values.