Online Off-shore Gaming License in Curacao

Curacao gambling license

Curacao is located in the south part of the Caribbean. It is part of a group of islands known as the Netherland Antilles. The islands are a self-governing part of the Dutch kingdom. Curacao has a stable economy and is considered an attractive option for online gaming operators. In fact, Curacao was one of the first countries in the world to regulate online gaming which has been a primary industry in the country since the decentralization of online games of the Curacao Gaming Control Board in 2002.

Since 1996, Curacao offers online gaming licenses to elegible applicants. The jurisdiction is considered to be one of the leading authorities that issues online gaming licenses. Curacao has maintained unprecedented worldwide recognition for its ability to consistently provide reliable and professional services to the online gaming sector of the market.

Curacao Online Gaming Regulations

Curacao offers one type of license for each online game. The license covers, skill games and fixed betting.

The authorities of Curacao have developed a broad program that offers software providers and network operators the opportunity to pre-screen licenses obtained by the confidential probity process. A number of frontrunners of the industry are the recipients of this specialized program. It is a solution focused on providing assistance to software providers and online gaming networks to effectively build the business instead of concentrating on the bureaucratic aspects.

Curacao is one of the well known leaders in providing services to the world`s offshore financial sector. It has a long history of providing the infrastructure necessary for supporting global online gaming services. Most importantly, the jurisdiction`s licensed online gaming activities are treated as a favored industry by the government of Curacao.

Curacao offers qualified online gaming operators many online gaming services. All-inclusive packages include online gaming license authority, co-location space for hardware, dedicated bandwidth, redundant power connections, redundant data connections and technical support services.

Application Procedures

The procedure of obtaining an online gaming license is rather simple and straightforward. All qualified applicants will receive a set of required documents, application forms, etc. necessary to apply for a license and to establish the legal entity in Curacao. The jurisdiction requires the incorporation of a Limited Liability Company. Company formation and trust services will be provided by authorized service providers to companies that operate under the direct supervision of the Central Bank of the Netherland Antilles. When all the application forms are filled out and the supporting documents collected, these should be returned for processing and approval. The physical presence of the applicant at the time the documents are submitted is not necessary.

While the LLC is being set up and the documents are being reviewed, the hardware part of the technical section of the online gaming business to the co-location facitlity should be located.

The Curacao legislation requires specific technical components of the online product. The games must operate from the e-zone in Curacao.