Online Off-shore Gaming License in Dominica

License betting Dominica

Dominica offers internet casino and sportsbook licenses. All internet gaming and wagering in Dominica operate under the terms of an agreement established between the gaming company and the government of Dominica. Gaming and wagering is strictly offshore.

The International Business Department of the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Planning is the governmental administrative entity responsible for developing and overseeing this sub-sector.

Advantages of Online Gaming Licenses in Dominica

Any company licensed to operate online gaming activities in Dominica has many advantages.

The telecommunications system in Dominica is one of the world`s most advanced system allowing the immediate and easy communication with the rest of the world and providing services through fiber optic and satellite facilities.

Offshore businesses domiciled in Dominica enjoy fiscal benefits and certain tax exemptions. Customs duty concessions are given for imports needed to carry out online gaming activities. Immunity is granted to online gaming companies from income tax, withholding tax, sales tax and other taxes. Offshore companies, such as online gaming companies are not subject to foreign exchange control.

Procedure of Licensing and Terms

All gaming companies must register under the International Business Company Act of Dominica. The government of Dominica authorizes legitimate licenses for this type of business and assesses payment of a fixed tax. The process of applying for the license usually takes from one to two months after all the required documents have been submitted.

Application Requirements